Our Menu

Add skinny Fries £3.50

Add sweet potatoes £5.50

Add house slaw £3.00

Add jalapeño slaw £3.50


You can order takeaway for collection by calling us on

01225 313030

Our delivery service is available through Uber Eats

Gourmet specials

12 Monkeys
Two Original recipe beef patty over easy egg stacked high and glazed with our spiced bourbon sauce


3 Amigos
ur marinated chicken topped with homemade slow cooked beef brisket, mature cheddar, homemade guacamole, onion and jalapeños


Our classic beef patty topped with homemade slow cooked beef brisket mature cheddar, jalapeños, onions and barrel spicy sauce


Our Classic beef patty topped with homemade slow cooked marinated chicken, mature cheddar, jalapeños, onions and garlic mayo


Our classic beef patty topped with sautéed mushrooms, blue cheese, and homemade red onions comfit


Lucky Luke
Our classic beef patty topped with goat cheese, roasted walnuts and our homemade red onion confit.


Danny Dorito
Our Classic beef patty topped with Mexican cheese, salsa, spicy nachos, jalapenos and homemade guacamole


The Italian Job
our Classic beef patty topped with sauteed mushrooms, oak smoked sundried tomato and mozzarella cheese, with a spoonfull of kale pesto


Mama’s Original Recipe Burgers

Old School Classic
Original recipe beef patty topped with mature cheddar, lettuce, tomato onions and our homemade burger sauce


What-A-Jerk Chicken
rilled chicken, marinated in oregano and lemon juice, topped with mature cheddar cheese pickles and garlic mayonnaise


Farmer Brown
Original recipe beef, over easy egg, red onions, mature cheddar with lettuce and a dab of mayo


The Avengers (V-V)
Falafel topped with pickled onions, homemade tahini on a bed of tomato, cucumbers and lettuce


Zucchini, sweet corn and a mix of fresh herbs and spices patty topped with halloumi fries with a choice of sweet chilli sauce or fresh pesto


Deep fried halloumi patty on a bed of lettuce topped with homemade beetroot hummus, tomatoes, red pepper and pomegranate glaze



El Greko
Fries topped with a mix of feta & cheddar cheese, tomatoes, oregano & egg finished in the oven


Cheese Lovers
Pomme frites with melted cheese, topped with sesame seeds


Blue Lagoon
The cheese lovers with added blue cheese topped with sliced mushrooms


Spicy Fries
The cheese lovers with added jalapeños, chillies and cajun spices


Chilli Beef Cheese Fries
The spicy fries with added spicy minced meat and barrels spices


Chilli Chicken Fries
The spicy fries with added spicy chicken fillet strips and barrels spices


Mozzarela sticks
Creamy mozzarella in deep fried bread crumbs served with the choice of garlic mayo, barbecue sauce or sweet chilli sauce


Halloumi fries
Deep fried Greek halloumi sticks served with chilli sauce


Greek salad
Fresh salad leaves topped with oregano herbs, tomato, red onions, capers, kalamata olives and Samarina feta cheese dressed with extra virgin olive oil


Extra Toppings

Gherkins : £1.00

Jalapenos: £0.95

Mushrooms: £0.95




Diet Coke






Dr pepper


Ginger beer


Beers and Cider on tap

Half Pint Budwar £3.00 Pint of Budwar £5.70

Half Pint Mortimer’s orchard £3.00 Pint £5.70

Bottled beers and ciders

Budvar 33cl
Alcohol free


Mythos 33cl


Corona 33cl


Corona 33cl
Alcohol free




Gem ale 50cl


Guest cider 50cl
Flavored cider


Guest IPA 50cl
We serve different IPA every week


Guinness 52cl




Martini Espresso


Flavoured milkshakes

Strawberry, Banana Mango, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Mint, Banana Toffee, Oreo biscuit